/bʊl / (say bool)

1. an adult male of the domestic cow, with sexual organs intact and capable of reproduction.
2. an adult male of any bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos.
3. the male of various other large animals, as the elephant, whale, etc., the female of which is the cow.
4. a violent or powerful, bull-like person.
5. (formerly) a waterside worker favoured by the supervisor and hence given preference when the workers congregated each day for selection at the wharf gates.
6. Stock Exchange someone who buys in the hope of selling later at a profit due to a rise in prices (opposed to bear).
7. (in general business) someone who believes that conditions are or will be favourable.
8. Military Colloquial the polishing and cleaning of equipment.
9. male: a bull elephant.
10. bull-like; large.
11. Stock Exchange relating to the bulls; marked by a rise in price: a bull market.
12. Nautical (of a hull form) of high block coefficient, with blunt bow and stern (opposed to fine).
verb (t)
13. Colloquial (taboo) to have intercourse with (a woman).
14. Stock Exchange
a. to endeavour to raise the price of (stocks, etc.).
b. to operate in, for a rise in price: to bull the market.
verb (i)
15. (of a cow) to be on heat.
16. bull at a gate, an impatient and headstrong person.
17. bull in a china shop, an inept or clumsy person in a situation requiring care or tact.
18. charge at like a bull at a gate, to approach in a forceful, headstrong manner, especially in a situation where skill and subtlety are required.
19. charge like a wounded bull, Colloquial to fix prices that are excessive.
20. not within a bull's roar, (sometimes followed by of) nowhere near: not within a bull's roar of home; not within a bull's roar of winning.
{Middle English bule, Old English bula; also Middle English bulle, Old English bull- in bulluc bull calf. Compare Icelandic boli}
/bʊl / (say bool)

noun Convict Obsolete Colloquial
a flogging of seventy-five lashes.
See bob4, canary2, tester3. {obsolete British slang bull a crown piece or five shillings}
/bʊl / (say bool)

noun Roman Catholic Church
1. a formal and solemn papal document dealing with an important matter and usually having a bulla attached.
2. the bulla itself.
{Middle English bulle, from Medieval Latin bulla seal, document, from Latin: bubble, knob}
/bʊl / (say bool)

1. bullseye (defs 1 and 2).
2. the score value of a bullseye: she scored a bull.
/bʊl / (say bool) Colloquial

1. nonsense.
2. trivial or boastful talk.
verb (t)
3. to lie to; dupe.
verb (i)
4. to boast; exaggerate.
interjection Also, bulls.
5. (an exclamation implying that what has been said is nonsensical or wrong.)
{shortened form of bullshit}
/bʊl / (say bool)

a sweet, alcoholic beverage traditionally made by some Aboriginal peoples from honey and water; beal; bool.
{from bull a drink made from spirit or sugar residue}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

(usually of bovine animals) / (issued by the Pope), / (involving a contradiction), / / ,

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